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Misty Fierro

Volunteer Mapping App

by Misty Fierro


  1. Think about your process and the relationship between your data before you get started — trust me, it will make your life a lot easier later on.

  2. We’re a dog rescue; clearly we need to start with a dog custom object! Create three other custom objects as well: tracking, volunteers, and supporters. You might be tracking different things — stores, employees, and so on — so label your custom objects according to your own needs.

  3. Create the data model to understand the relationship between your objects. The tracking object is the master object with the MapAnything app on it.

  4. Download MapAnything from AppExchange and configure it according to these guidelines.

  5. Now it’s time to build a map! You’ll want to build in any layers--for us, our layers are those same custom objects we just created: Dogs, Volunteers, and Supporters. This data literally lays on top the MapAnything component, and building the map is like building a report with filters.

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