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Volunteer Check-In

by Shonnah Hughes


  1. Whiteboard the branching paths of your volunteer check-in and checkout flow. This will help you think through your flow holistically before attempting to implement it.

  2. The museum uses Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to customize Salesforce for nonprofits. This pack includes, among other features, scheduling of volunteer shifts. But you could also create a custom object called “Volunteers” and start there. 

  3. Create your flow using Flow Designer. Work step-by-step at each layer to design and test your flow.

    Trailblazer Note

    Flows take time to create and test. Be patient and use the Trailblazer community for help and support.

  4. Use Lightning App Builder to create a new Lightning app, then drag and drop your Flow component into your app. This will create a new app, using your flow, that is accessible from mobile devices using the Salesforce mobile app.

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