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Melinda Smith

Virtual Suggestion Box

by Melinda Smith


  1. Whiteboard, whiteboard whiteboard! Think about the following: How can customers submit feedback? Who needs to review submissions? What categories might you have to sort feedback? How are you communicating with customers?

    Here’s my process diagram for inspiration, or check out this trail for different channels for customers to submit suggestions.

    Melinda's white board
  2. Create a “suggestions” custom object to store your suggestions. Include a “status” field to track the status of each suggestion. Then, associate each suggestion with the contact record of the person who submitted it

    Trailblazer Note

    Already using Service Cloud? Consider reusing the cases object that already exists inside Salesforce instead of creating a new suggestions object. Create a new cases record type to store suggestions.

  3. Set up Email-to-Case to automatically create a new case when a suggestion comes in through email.

  4. For suggestions that come from the website, create a flow to capture these suggestions and route them to your queue.

  5. Create the logic that handles the follow-up tasks once a suggestion is created. Think about your main activities like notifying the team of a new suggestion and sending a thank you email to the customer. Check out this trail to decide if you should use Process Builder or Flows.

    Trailblazer Note

    Process Builder is a huge asset to people like me who don’t have a computer science background and don’t know where to put the darned comma!

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