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Jennifer Lee

Key Information Surfacing App

by Jennifer Lee


  1. Think about your particular business case. What information is key for your support reps to see? What variables might affect what information you need to surface? In this case, we want to see open cases and surface information relevant to those cases.

  2. Create a flow that does a fast lookup to open cases. Query the case object and look for records associated with this contact that have open cases.

  3. Make a decision to see if there are any open cases. If no cases are found, skip to step 6. If there are cases, then the next step is triggered.

    step three screenshot
  4. Perform a loop on the collection of open cases. For each individual open case, lookup and grab the case number and subject to surface up to the support agent.

  5. The assignment step assigns the case records found to a screen and adds a hyperlink to the case record detail page. That way when this information surfaces on our contact record page, reps can click into the case for more details.

  6. Determine what information surfaces on the component screen. If there are no cases, show a screen that says there are no open cases. If there are cases, show the information assigned in step 5.

  7. Use Lightning App Builder to drag and drop in the new flow component and select the flow screen. Be sure to check the box that passes the record into flow.

    step 7 gif

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